Data & Analytics

Organizations see data as their most powerful asset to create superior customer experiences, perfectly optimized operations and new, disruptive business propositions. We understand that data is the lifeblood of any organization. As such, how an organization connects and uses their data determines their future success. With our experience and skills, we can help you take advantage of the big data collated from numerous data sources to deliver insights across your organization. We can provide you with an end-to-end solution, from strategy and concept through to design, deployment, operation, and development, for effective data collection, storage, and analysis.

Analytics, BI & Data Visualisation

Gain insight into your organisation through data analytics, business intelligence and data visualisation.

  1. BI & Data Visualisation Services
    Evolve from simple reporting to self-service data discovery and advanced visualisation for insightful data utilisation.
  2. Advanced Analytics & IoT Services
    Use IoT, real-time data streaming, advanced analytics and machine learning to transform your business operations.
  3. Customer Analytics
    Combine data from different sources and gain better insight into your customers’ needs.
  4. Sentiment Analysis
    Gain real-time analytics and insights into your organisation’s data and drive marketing campaign agility.
  5. Fast Start Analytics & IoT Pilots
    Prove the value of the Internet of Things and analytics with a rapid proof-of-value pilot.
  6. Report Modernisation
    Test and prove the value of modernising your reporting platforms with Fast Start approaches.

Data Management

Comprehensive methods and agile approaches and accelerators to streamline data management projects.

  1. Master Data Management
    Match multiple data sets against each other to eliminate overlapping information for improved data quality.
  2. Data Ingestion, Integration and Curation Services
    Implement configuration-based, consistent and reusable data ingestion and integration services.
  3. Data Exploration Services
    Mine and explore data sources and repositories to look for specific insights.
  4. Data Quality
    Have the confidence in your data to make effective, valuable business decisions.
  5. Data Remediation Services
    Access reusable remediation assets to reduce the time and costs involved in executing remediation activities.
  6. Data Maturity Assessment
    Assess your current data capability and plan your transformation from an analogue to a digital business.

Data Platforms

Ingest and store unstructured and structured data to support complex data transformation and analytics.

  1. Big Data Platforms
    Access solutions that are cost-effective, can scale rapidly, and handle a broad variety of data sources.
  2. IoT & Analytics Platforms
    Leverage our cross-industry experience in building secure cloud-based Internet of Things and Analytics platforms.
  3. Data Platform Modernisation
    Test and prove the value of modernising your data platforms with Fast Start approaches.